We can help you…

Connect with customers through social media sites.

We can help you create profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
Why would you want them?
Social media sites allow you to reach customers where they “hang out.” Let them know the benefits of your business. Let them know about sales specials or recognitions your company has received. Tell them more about what you do.

Once your profiles are established we can help keep them up to date. Customers provide all kinds of feedback. Sometimes it’s useful, sometimes (unfortunately) it may just be spam. When we monitor your profiles for you, we can single out the messages from customers that are of importance and bring them to your attention. A quick response on a negative comment can easily be turned into a positive opportunity.

Connect with customers when you exchange business cards.

But, what do¬†you do with them after you’ve collected them? We will put them into a searchable database for you to easily reference. Send the business cards to us. Add a note or two to indicate where/when you received the cards and we’ll do the rest. We will also research any information not included on the business card, such as business address or e-mail, and add it to the database.

Do you have a need we haven’t addressed? Contact us and we will either handle it as well, or refer you to someone who can fulfill your need.