All Together Now (Part 2)

Let’s take a few steps up from a car wash. Let’s consider a trade show. Lots of different companies all in one location. Many times in addition to the different businesses with information about their company, there are also presentations – an opportunity to give more in depth information to a larger audience. Yes, you can give your information to potential clients one at a time as they visit your table, but it has a larger impact if you gather them together and present the information one time. The more businesses at the trade show, the wider audience the show reaches. Someone wants to visit Company A while someone else wants to visit Company B, but while they’re in the trade show chances are they’ll visit both companies at least briefly.

Now enter a collaborative website. Like trade shows, collaborative websites have a common theme. Like trade shows, collaborative websites have multiple companies. Informative presentation from the trade show turns into an online learning center with a collection of articles. Program listing…online directory, etc. UNLIKE trade shows, collaborative websites last more than a few days. Collaborative websites can reach a much broader audience because the information is taken to the consumers instead of the consumers traveling to the information at the trade show. Trade shows can cost anywhere from a hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Collaborative websites cost much less for a whole year’s worth of exposure. Remember the different locations to point back to your company? Collaborative websites also use social media to draw attention to the site.  However, like trade shows, there’s only so many companies that can be added to the show without getting overwhelming.

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