All Together Now (Part 2)

Let’s take a few steps up from a car wash. Let’s consider a trade show. Lots of different companies all in one location. Many times in addition to the different businesses with information about their company, there are also presentations – an opportunity to give more in depth information to a larger audience. Yes, you… Continue reading All Together Now (Part 2)

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All Together Now

Have you seen youth groups advertising on the side of the road for a car wash? Which ones were the most effective in drawing in customers? Usually, the ones with a larger number of people holding signs or shouting to passing cars, right? They draw more attention when they have groups of people in more… Continue reading All Together Now

3…2…1… Contact!

Contact is the secret, It’s the moment when everything happens.  Contact is the answer, It’s the reason why everything happens. Let’s Make Contact! Three, Two, One, contact! Does anyone else remember the show from the 80′s? The first part has been stuck in my head for hours. So, I googled it and now I have… Continue reading 3…2…1… Contact!

A twitter for customer services

I recently had my own experience with a business using Twitter for customer service. I had purchased a domain name with one company, then used Host Gator for my webhost. I was having difficulty synching my e-mail accounts and expressed my frustration with a tweet.  Shortly afterwards, I received a reply through Twitter from hostgator… Continue reading A twitter for customer services


I’ve had my Twitter account for about a month now and I am continually amazed at the diversity of uses for Twitter. Yes, there are those that keep us up to date with how far they’ve traveled on their way to the mailbox, but check out some of these uses: Police, civilians Twitter together Baltimore,… Continue reading Twitterpated

What is social media? Don’t you mean virtual marketing, not viral marketing?

Every year Merriam-Webster Dictionary adds new words to it’s lexicon. New for 2009 are words like webinar and edamame, but Merriam-Webster Dictionary has not yet added “social media” or “viral marketing.” They are too new for many to know what they mean without further explaination. I only heard them myself a few months ago. So,… Continue reading What is social media? Don’t you mean virtual marketing, not viral marketing?