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All Together Now

Have you seen youth groups advertising on the side of the road for a car wash? Which ones were the most effective in drawing in customers? Usually, the ones with a larger number of people holding signs or shouting to passing cars, right? They draw more attention when they have groups of people in more than one location all pointing to the same location. Ah-ha! A real life example of how social media marketing works! You’ve got someone calling your attention to your message over on “Twitter Place” around down the road from your main event. Another group at “Facebook Corner” telling you to come right in. You may have more detailed information right before you get to the main event on the “LinkedIn Placard” just outside. People coming in different directions may see all the groups, or they may only see one of the groups in their particular lane. They get more business when they’re visible in more than one location.

What is social media? Don’t you mean virtual marketing, not viral marketing?

Every year Merriam-Webster Dictionary adds new words to it’s lexicon. New for 2009 are words like webinar and edamame, but Merriam-Webster Dictionary has not yet added “social media” or “viral marketing.” They are too new for many to know what they mean without further explaination. I only heard them myself a few months ago. So, what is social media? defines social media as “primarily Internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.” Internet users may not be familiar with the label “social media”, but more than likely they are familiar with social media websites –,, and to name a few.

  What about “viral marketing”? The first time I read it, I was sure it was a misprint and the author ment virtual marketing. I stand corrected. Again, referring to wikipedia, viral marketing “refer[s] to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness.” In other words, if you put yourself in a place where people will see you, they may start talking about you and investigate you or your company further which may or may not produce sales of your product or services. In essence it’s a nicer way of advertising your business. Instead of Crazy Eddie screaming in your face to buy, buy, BUY viral marketing peaks user’s interest and invites them to learn more.

 Aren’t places like and just useless venues to waste time? Who wants to know what I ate for breakfast today doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Think outside the box a bit. What if instead of telling people what you’re doing or going to do you tell them bits of information about your business? If they find that interesting they may follow you to see what you’re going to say next. What are benefits of chiropractic adjustment? I may tell you in a Tweet or two or three, or a whole series of tweets. What is the lastest application built to utilize twitter, there are users posting Tweets all the time. Just use the search feature on Twitter to bring up a listing of Tweets that have been posted recently about your subject. It gets better. Have a new idea you want to test and get reactions to? Tweet it, then look to see who responds and how they react. If you find a large number of people expressing interest in your post, you can expand more on that topic and work with it more within your company. Then you create a following.

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